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Dark Turquoise Sky Mug 2

Dark Turquoise Sky Mug 2

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*This is a slightly darker, warmer clay color than most of my tan clay mugs. The turquoise glaze has even depth and is more vibrant on this clay. 

Large wheel thrown, hand-carved stoneware mug from my home studio, with 5+ layers of hand painted glaze. 

-Microwave and dishwasher safe, although handmade mugs prefer handwashing—they’re more fragile than commercially made mugs, especially the handle, so please treat your mug gently. 😊
-Avoid extreme thermal shock (such as quickly going from boiling water to ice cold temps), as this could crack or damage any ceramic piece.
-Bottoms of mugs are sanded so there may be variations in clay color on mug bottom
-All Horizon Ceramics are food safe and non-toxic

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