Handmade Pottery Q & A

Q: Do you really make the mugs?  Or do you buy the somewhere and paint them?

A: Yep! Each mug starts with a ball of clay and takes 4-6 weeks to make.  The clay is thrown on the wheel, handles are formed ("pulled" in potter terms), attached to the mug, dried, base trimmed, design carved.  Then the mug is fired and ready for glazing.  Some mugs are dipped in various layers of glaze and others are hand painted with 4-6 layers of glaze to get the vibrant colors seen on Horizon Ceramics. 

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

I wish it wasn't!  Unfortunately the only way to get your pottery to you safely is to pack it really well with layers of padding and those packing materials along with the weight of the pottery add up!  I've shipped hundreds of mugs and other ceramic pieces and haven't had one break yet.  Shipping rates start at $15 per mug, and add a few dollars for each mug you add to the order.  I can fit 3, sometimes 4 mugs into one box, but after that I need to pack you a second box, so you'll see a bigger jump in shipping price once you get to 4 mugs.  I use recycled materials when I can, so you may see some recycled paper bags used as box filler, but I use other materials as they're available and try to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you. 

Q: Can I put my mug in the dishwasher? What about the microwave?

Yes and yes!  We use my handmade pottery daily in my home, as do many of our friends, family, and customers, and so it goes in the dishwasher and microwave often.  However, handmade pottery doesn't like to bumped and knocked around (no one does!) and so be careful not to rest the handle against another item in your dishwasher, knock it against something in your sink, or drop it.  Please treat your handmade pottery gently.