Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi there! I'm Allie, and I'm the maker of every piece of pottery you see at Horizon Ceramics.  As a fellow person with big dreams, little (and big) people I'm responsible for, and generally too many things to do, I get the need for time and space to slow down. 

We all have distractions that pop up one after another, and could use a tangible cue to help us pause long enough to actually finish that cup of coffee--and that thought. Horizon ceramics--and workshops--are made to help you press pause for a moment.  Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with various textures, designs, and colors to engage your senses . . . feel the smooth glaze and hand-carved trees, smell the fresh steaming coffee, get lost in the melty hues of glazes. And hold that evasive train of thought.  

As a mom, teacher, and SoCal maker, I believe you're made with unique skills and gifts to give to this world.  When you take time to slow down and fill up, you're better equipped to get out and give back.  

So let Horizon Ceramics meet you at your horizon . . . where your day starts (or ends), where you pour yourself a cup of coffee in a handmade mug.  Take a moment to slow down and mentally prepare for your day, pray, read, journal, or get started on that project.  

“Look to the horizon, spread your wings, and fly.” (Tom Reilly)

Allie throwing a mug on the pottery wheel