I'm Allie, the maker behind the pottery you'll find at Horizon Ceramics. I'm a SoCal native, mom to 3 boys, a self-taught ceramics artist, and an Artist Educator with the Fullerton School District Arts Team and All the Arts for All the Kids.  

While my work changes through the seasons, much of it is inspired by California’s natural beauty and is meant to bring you closer to nature, yourself, and your community by helping you slow down (and then get going-- thanks coffee!)

Art and nature are healing and rejuvenating. In my work I explore the use of texture, color and design in a way that aims to put art and nature together.  I find the tactile nature of handmade pottery to be grounding, and hope the textures, lines, and designs you hold in your hands help you pause for a moment as well. 

As a mom, teacher, and maker at heart, I believe you're made with unique skills and gifts to give to this world.  When you take time to slow down and fill up, you're better equipped to get out and give back.  

So let Horizon Ceramics meet you at your horizon . . . where your day starts (or ends), where you pour yourself a cup of coffee, and “look to the horizon, spread your wings, and fly” (Tom Reilly).

Allie throwing a mug on the pottery wheel