Charter School Classes

Horizon Ceramics is proud to partner with charter schools to offer your students an opportunity to explore the arts and grow their creative side.  

We are a Community Provider for Sage Oak Charter School. If you'd like us to become a vendor for another charter school, shoot me an email and let's chat!

Miss Allie is your teacher for all Horizon Classes. She provides an encouraging, positive environment, where students will:

  • Learn various hand-building techniques and glazing methods
  • Develop a growth mindset; students will learn new skills, then analyze and refine their techniques, what worked & what didn't
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Explore design techniques in clay
  • Experiment with various elements of art (color, form, texture, etc.) and principles of design (balance, unity, contrast, pattern, etc.), taught at grade appropriate levels
  • Have fun and get a little muddy (playing in clay is therapeutic in the same way that working in a garden can be)

Classes are geared towards K-8th grade (we suggest a parent stay to help children in Kindergarten) and often cross-curricular, covering ideas in math, science, language arts, or history along with Visual Arts Standards.  Projects are seasonal and based on student age and experience level. 

Pricing is dependent on class size and location.  Most families choose our small Handbuilding Workshop in our Open Air Studio in Fullerton: 

  • 6-12 students per class
  • Classes usually meet Thursday or Fridays for 1.5 hours 
  • 3 week session $90: first 2 weeks are handbuilding, we take a 1 week break for pieces to dry & fire, then come back for the 3rd session to glaze on the 4th week
  • 6 week session $175: the first four weeks are handbuilding with clay, the last 2 weeks are glazing weeks
  • Classes are held in our open air studio space in Fullerton  

Discounts may be offered for large groups, so please ask.

SAMPLE 9 Week Grades 7-12 Class Syllabus (15 student minimum)

-1.5 hours Wednesdays, time TBA,  (Cost: $25/student/class, HW is assigned)

  1. Intro; Stamps + Free Build
    • Working with clay intro & safety
    • Stages of Clay
      • Free build with soft clay (to compare w/projects at end of class)
      • Carve stamp on leatherhard clay to create texture to use on final projects
  2. Collab Bowls & Touch Stones – Subtractive Surfaces
    • Basic pinch pot construction intro
    • Working as a team
    • Clay thickness
    • Using subtractive techniques to create texture
  3. Nature Inspired Bowls or Creations – Additive Surfaces
    • Improving pinch pot construction
      • Option: Combining 2 pinch pots to create spherical shapes in nature
    • How to use & create additive surfaces
  4. Photo Stand Sculpture
    • Additive & subtractive techniques to create a sculpture of your choice
    • Planning photo holder placement for functionality & balance
  5. Glaze Class
    • Glazing intro
    • Glazing techniques for additive & subtractive surfaces
  6. Textured Cup Build
    • Return glazed work & discuss; consider what could be done differently to create functional pottery
    • Slab cup construction
    • Use your stamp or other materials to create texture
  7. Textured Bowls or Plates Build
    • Rolling a clay slab
    • Integrate your stamp or other materials to create surface design
      • Discuss & implement functional considerations
  8. Glaze Class
    • Glazing functional ware
  9. CERAMIC CLASS CEREAL PARTY – glazed work is returned
    • Finishing touches on photo stand
    • Compare/contrast your first pieces to final pieces; what did you change or improve; analyze what techniques you used to create ceramic pieces that could be functional
    • Cereal Party! Use the bowl & cup you created