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Coffeeberry Mug 14 oz-discounted

Coffeeberry Mug 14 oz-discounted

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*This mug is discounted because its a little heavier that my typical mugs; its weight is similar to other hefty handmade mugs I’ve purchased & enjoy & it is fully functional, but heavier than I like my mugs to be.

This hand crafted mug has California Coffeeberry branches over a creamy white glaze. Some artistic license has been taken as these are evergreen shrubs and the leaves generally remain green through the winter.  The branches and berries are ceramic decals which require a third firing to fuse them to the glaze so they can be microwave and dishwasher safe. 

-Wheel thrown stoneware mug from my home studio in Southern California.
-Holds 14 oz.
-Food safe and non-toxic
-Microwave and dishwasher safe, although more fragile than commercially made mugs, especially the handle, so please treat your mug gently. 😊
-Avoid extreme thermal shock (such as quickly going from boiling water to ice cold temps), as this could crack or damage any ceramic piece.
-Bottoms of mugs are sanded so there may be variations in clay color on mug bottom

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