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Coastal Manzanita Mug

Coastal Manzanita Mug

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Wheelthrown stoneware mug with colors reminiscent of a hike along central California’s sandy coast cliffs, where you might see the deep red manzanita branches and an ocean horizon in the background. 

Holds ~14 oz 
-Microwave and dishwasher safe, although handmade mugs prefer handwashing—they’re more fragile than commercially made mugs, especially the handle, and dish detergent can dull glazes overtime, so please treat your mug kindly. 😊
-Avoid extreme thermal shock, such as pouring boiling water in an ice cold mug—this could crack or damage any ceramic piece.
-Bottoms of mugs are sanded so there may be variations in clay color on mug bottom
-All Horizon Ceramics are food safe and non-toxic

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